New Build & Construction

new build and construction

Comprehensive & Independent Supervision Service.

To meet the high intensity demands of a vessel new build project, Avantis provides a comprehensive and independent supervision service. This includes a vessel design review to make sure that any proposal is conforming to the latest regulations:

In addition to this, Avantis can assist with third party tender support, technical advisory and onsite construction supervision. Our team of engineers have a wealth of knowledge in ship design, construction and repair built over years of experience working within the marine industry.

Drydocking Services

All too often drydocks run over budget in time and cost.
Even when projects appear on budget, the truth can be hidden behind cancelled jobs and months of riding gang repairs.

Avantis prevents these undesirable outcomes with stringent and dedicated planning, detailed specification development, transparent tender analysis, and clear site management.

With hundreds of jobs on the list of a typical drydock specification, experienced project managers who can control the works and cost of the project are invaluable. Reporting exactly where the budget is spent, including variance, is our standard.

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