Vision & Values

Vision & Values - What makes us Avantis
Tom David

Avantis Managing Director

Vision - People and the Planet are our Priority

Our vision at the Avantis Group is to be the foremost global contributor to smart and environmental engineering, specifically supplying Clean Technology, Power Solutions and Asset Optimisation services.

Our team are experts in providing advanced technological solutions, particularly in retrofitting of new environmentally friendly clean technology and reengineering current assets to have a greener and more efficient yield. Our experience, innovative approach and continued research enables us to add value for our clients by being specialists in the planning, design, construction and management of such projects.

This added value in turn will endeavour to give the infrastructure of the new world a reduced carbon footprint and improved quality of life for humanity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support existing and new clients through this challenging process of Green technology integration, ensuring operational impacts & interruptions are mitigated throughout the life cycle of the project.

The principle drivers in any project must be thoroughly understood and investigated in order to implement shorter term pay backs for the clients, thus the project makes solid commercial sense. Our unique emphasis on reducing the commercial impact by executing the project in a very efficient manner ensures minimum downtime of the asset. We firmly believe this will encourage our clients to embrace the future and already proven clean technology which, often, offer efficiency savings to the asset in question.

Our core team is comprised of cross & multidisciplinary professionals with decades of value-added experience in the Marine, Offshore and Power sectors. Our team have been specifically moulded to put our mission in to practice on a day to day basis. The main challenges we believe are bridging the gap from the theoretical drawing board to the practical execution and relationship growth with key supply chain partners.

Vision & Values
Vision & Values - Our people

Core Values

The following qualities are the core values that guide and are reflected in the Avantis vision & mission statements:

  • Integrity: Avantis emphasises the team to have a strong sense of integrity in everything we deliver, we believe having this in the forepart of every decision that is taken ensures the best outcome for our clients, our supply chain & our brand.
  • Flexibility: The Avantis business model prides itself on being a total provider for our clients, flexibility is the key attribute to enable this to become a reality.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: To empower Avantis to keep relevant and grow as a business through challenging problems, we believe and support entrepreneurialism through all levels of our business.
  • Diversity: Avantis believes diversity in every sense is critical for a business such as ours, being bold in sector application, technology and our professionals are the areas we will succeed.
  • Relationships: Avantis focuses on developing long term strategic partners who have similar business ethos’ as ours. Successfulness through value added long term partners is key.
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