Meet The Team

Our Leaders

Tom David - Meet the Team
Tom David


Leon Solder - Meet the Team
Leon Solder


Dave Calder - Meet the Team
Dave Calder

Chief Financial

Davide Lajolo - Meet the Team
Davide Lajolo

Chief Commercial

Chris Jones - Meet the Team
Chris Jones

General Manager –
Power Solutions

Jack Jenkins - Meet the Team
Jack Jenkins

General Manager –
Marine Services

Niall Parkhill - Meet the Team
Niall Parkhill

Group Innovation

Bjarne Eia - Meet the Team
Bjarne Eia

Vice President Business Development – Norway

Mark Tamlin - Meet the Team
Mark Tamlin

Vice President Business Development – USA

Tony Gennadopoulos - Meet the Team
Tony Gennadopoulos

Vice President Business Development – Greece

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